Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fall running and 2012 racing

After Leadville I had a few weeks of great running.  Coming from the mountains of Colorado, everything in Blacksburg just felt easier, so after my week off, I ran 3 straight weeks of probably 90 (fast for me) miles per week.  Then I just didn't really feel much like running, at least daily, so I ran maybe 50-65 mpw, but over the course of 3-4 days.  After I ran 3 Ridges + Priest (24ish miles with 8k ft vert/8k ft descent) with the CAT people and Jenny though, I got the spark back and started running again regularly.  Now, I'm starting to peak for the Hellgate 100k next month, and I feel in great shape.  I'm on my 3rd straight week of at least 1 long run for the week.  I like to get out for 16-18 miles on Tuesdays if I can, but those are touch-and-go.  Anyway,  I finished a 24 mile 3:30 run up on Ft. Lewis Mountain This is my new favorite area to run near school. It's like 30 minutes away, but there's a lot of winding single track and service road you can string together for any length of run.

Anyway,  I feel pretty good, and the miles are coming easily, so I'm excited for Hellgate.  It will be my first 100k; I love running in the cold and running at night, so it'll be a treat--a horribly masochistic treat.


I need to get the 100 mile monkey off my back, so Old Dominion is going to be my first peak race of the year...all the way in June.  I would also like a 50 mile PR, since my current (10 hours) is pretty bad, and I know I can knock a couple hours off that, so Bull Run Run 50 or the Mississippi 50 is on the list for Spring.  It'll be an interesting year.

January: one of 3 50k's.
March 3: Mississippi 50 Mile Run  OR
April 12: Bull Run Run 50 Mile

April 12-14: 24 Hour run for cancer OR
June 2: Old Dominion 100

August 24-25: Cheat Mountain 50 Mile
September 1: Iron Mountain Trail Run 50 Mile
~October 4: Grindstone 100

That's a lot of racing; especially if I get the urge to do a marathon or retry Terrapin Mountain, but I'm looking forward to it.

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