Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 Running plans and fun.

I think I've made a few 2012-themed posts already, but I've just not really been sure what I wanted out of the year.  With Holiday Lake a week away though and this head cold keeping me indoors, I thought I'd make a post.

I'm doing a two week taper for Holiday Lake, sort of out of necessity. I didn't take as much time off after Hellgate as I'd planned (meaning only 4 days), and I have a tendency to run pretty high mileage during the winter.  The amount of trails near my home and the free time of having no classes makes me head out the door for a lot of running.  So by the time last week was ending, although I had put in a recovery week in the middle of January, my body was asking for some leisure time.  Thankfully Holiday Lake was coming up so I just pushed through a hard week before beginning a real two week taper.  I'm taking Holiday Lake to be a fitness test for the start of the new year.  I'd like to see where I am compared to last year, so all I really want to do is PR.  I'm planning to peak for Promised Land and then the Eastern Divide 50k in June to have good runs at those--the latter will most definitely be a big PR.

Racing aside, I want to just run more this year.  I've been discovering a lot of new trail in the area and I want to just go run. Having only 4 days of classes this semester will let me get out for some super long weekends too.  I'm planning to head down to Umstead in March to crew/pace Jennifer as she runs her first 100.  That will be a great experience, and I'm excited to be able to help her get to the finish line however I can.  She's been a great encouragement to me.

My real goal for the year is finishing Grindstone in October, and beyond that, trying to finish the Beast Series.  If I get through GS, there's no reason not to toe the line at Masochist and try to finish it all.  That all depends on how much I get to run this summer between classes and working though.

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