Sunday, February 27, 2011

Training Feb. 21-27

14 Miles (2:10)
12 Miles on the Huckleberry (repeated the dirt road section several times to stay off the pavement) + 2 barefoot jogging at the VT track

15 miles (2:05)
Had a really good day at Pandapas Pond.  Headed down the Poverty Creek Trail a long way, then turned around, picked up the FS Road, then up Indian pipe for ~800ft of Climibing in .44 miles then back along Poverty Creek, with a few spurts on other trails along the way back to the car.  Weather was perfect and I'd have liked to have kept going.  I think these Tuesday trail runs will become more regular.

AM: 12 miles
3 mile warm up plus half of a "Perfect Mile" track workout (did 8x200 at 36s and 4x400 at 70)  It's been so long since I've done any speedwork, this really took it out of me.  I should start going once a week.  Followed by 2 miles of barefoot around the track and then I met up with Shannon as I was finishing and decided to run with her to tack on an extra few miles.

3 miles around campus
Cross-training session at the gym.

8 Miles
Small Huckleberry-Christiansburg loop.  Cold and rainy all day, so I stuck to pavement.
3 Miles (treadmill)
Core circuit and biking in gym.

5 miles
Just a quick get-loose run before lunch. Heading home this weekend for long runs.

29  Miles (4:31:46) ~3000ft of gain
Parked at Skulls Gap and ran FS84->Jerry's Creek Trail->FS(whatever #) all the way to the Creek Comer trail then around the Hurricane Campground for a couple miles looking for water and an open bathroom.  Then back FS84 all the way to the Iron Mountain trail and back to my car on it.  
All in all a good day.  I couldn't find water at the campground so I filled up in a stream and I also ran out of Gu with ~8 miles left so I felt pretty dry by the finish. 40oz water, 2 Gu Chomps bags and 1 Roctane. I should have brought an extra bag of chomps, but I didn't realize it was going to be 60+ degrees out.

12 miles, Huckleberry loop with some back and forth on the gravel stretch to avoid pavement.
Knee was aching me a good bit today, and it hasn't before.  I'll probably take tomorrow off and just cross train.

Total: 101

It feels nice to be above 100 again so soon after a race.  Crossing my fingers that I can keep this up.

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