Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training Feb 14-20

4 miles (34:00) easy on the treadmill
Biking: 6 miles (20:00)

Still very sore, quads and calves are tight.  Mainly stretched.

10 Miles (1:20:00)
Huckleberry Gravel Out-and-back
Had to run some errands, so I decided to run out to do them and felt good, so I turned around instead of catching the bus.  There is still some latent soreness in my quads.

4 Miles (35:00)
3 Miles on 8% incline, 1 miles barefoot (treadmill)
Biking: 10 Miles (31:00)

6 Miles (37:00)
Huckleberry Gravel-Duckpond loop
Sunny and little wind.  Decided to get in a tempo run between classes.  Hamstrings felt tight, but appropriately so.  Legs are feel back to normal now, but my peroneal tendon is nagging me a bit again.

4 Miles: (35:00)
Easy treadmill, last two barefoot.
Biking:6 miles
Felt pretty drained tonight, taking an recovery day tomorrow before the weekend long run(s)

6 Miles (50:00)
Barefoot recovery run.  Feeling loose.

Decided to just cross train today, since I'm planning a long run tomorrow.  Did a lot of core work, rowed for 10 minutes, and biked just 5 miles.

18 Miles (3:02:42)
Exploring Mountain Lake
I decided to head up to Mountain Lake since it's the highest you can get around here (~4000 feet, peaks at 43xx), and they boast 22 miles of trail.  I parked my car and headed off, feeling fresh of the easy day yesterday until I hit several miles of alternating loose rock and leftover snow drifts from Winter.  After slogging through all that at a horrendous pace, I manages about 8 miles of good running, hitting a could 6:10ish miles on the downhill stretches.  Then my IT band started aching and I slowed some.  Ended up cutting about 7 miles off what I had planned on doing, but I already feel better now, just a few hours later.  I think I started this too late into the day (about 4 hours after I woke up) without having eaten a proper meal.  I think I should take a day off tomorrow.

Rest/Core work
Last night my calves were tight and actually locked up a couple times, so I decided to take a day off.  I probably started back too soon anyway.  Looking forward to another day on the trails tomorrow though.

15 miles (13 @ Pandapas Pond + 2 Barefoot)
Pretty good run, minus a few mishaps regarding roots hidden by leaves.  I felt strong on the couple long climbs (1.5 miles/900ft climb at one section).  Didn't carry any water, so I had a bit of a rough patch climbing back up Brush Mountain at mile ~9.5-11, then the last mile was smooth.

Total: 67

Low mileage, but considering the race last weekend, I'm pretty happy with it.  I felt stronger than I thought I would.  I'm still tired, but I hope I can sleep more this week than last and that will go away.

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