Thursday, April 12, 2012

Last week was a pretty good training week, even if I was pretty drained by the end of the weekend.  If anyone is curious, this is exactly what I did last week, and I've tried to do some version of this most every week this Spring.

Monday 8 Miles, tempo.  Run smooth up old farm, then at an anaerobic pace all the way around beauty and up beast, then smooth back down old farm with a little jogging/strides at the end.  This was supposed to be 12-14, but time didn't allow

AM: 5 Miles Shakeout
PM: 9 Miles Same Route as yesterday, but also ran up to the camping area on Horse Nettle.

Wednesday: 5 Mile easy day.

AM: 6 mile treadmill workout.
Warm up, then 2.75 miles alternating quarter miles of running at 11.5% and walking 18% for 2000ft of climb, followed by a short progression run (drop  ~:10 from the mile time every 30 seconds, hold at ~5:50 for 1 minute), cool down
PM: 10 miles--up Old Farm, down Beauty, up Snake Root, and back down Old Farm with Rudy and Frank.  Definitely felt the morning's workout when we were climbing.

6 Mile maintenance day
I've started doing this once every week to 10 days or so, and I think they've been a good help.

4 miles from my apartment, then plyometrics followed by 1 mile barefoot and a mile back to the apartment for a longer core workout.

19.5ish miles exploring by Mountain Lake with Rudy, GPS data here:
We hit a 1/3 mile 700ft climb straight up the side of the mountain on an old game trail that runs along a rock garden to a cliff overlook at the top.  Looking into a race of some kind up there.

20 Mile slog at Pandapas.

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